I was born in Norberg in 1951. Soon my family moved to Stockholm. In the seventies, Already working with etchings and graphic art, I started studying ikonpainting for father Robert de Caluwe` both in Stockholm and in Myllijärvi ecumenic centre situated in Esbo,Finland. Later I´ve also learned the craft of oil painting by professor Evert Lundqvist. Moreover I´ve studied graphic arts at Birkagården, Stockholm.

Today I give lessons in ikon-and temperapainting, graphic art and watercolour. During the years i have made illustrations in books and advertisements. The knowledge of old painting tecniques have also given me the oppurtunity to work with some restauration of old paintings.

You can find some of my ikons in the church in Norbergs church and their parish house, The parish at Högalid ,Stockholm , Salems church and in Farsta parish churches. Other examples are the wall and roofpaintings in some houses in the city of Stockholm. . Fosamstipendium 2006. A member of BUS and of FSK-the Swedish society of woman artists





Pictures from Arconsat

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